I've been hesitating about posting this post. I've been wanting to for about a month now, but I've been resisting it for fear of offending some, but I finally decided that this is my blog. And I'm going to post about it because I want to and that's all that matters (if it really matters at all).

Enough of this silly preface, just get to the real stuff.

Sundee stuffs this week is dedicated to Kanye West's film, "Runaway".

More importantly, the film is centered around Kanye's new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I've been a huge Kanye fan for years, and this album has be long, LONG awaited. His previous album, 808s and Heartbreak, was a bit of a departure from his previous albums (but still good), but the basic flow of Kanye is much more present in this album, while still juxtaposing the 808s style. Favorites from the album are "Power" (which is one of my favorite music videos that was inspired by this incredible piece), "Monster", and the best track that shows the diversity of Kanye, "Lost in the World." Incredible reviews are circulating about this album, and it's supposedly the best album of his career so far, and I'll have to add a resounding yeehaw to the chorus--its incredible.

Kanye is a mover and shaker, to me. I am thoroughly convinced that he is one of the greatest artists and innovators in modern music and he will continue to do so for a long time. Kanye brings more to the game than most artists I see. His entire performance is constructed in such a meticulous manner that it's somewhat over-whelming to comprehend the sheer massiveness that are his productions. His live performances consistently blow everyone in his genre out of the water and his music videos are more ground-breaking and unique than most.

I really could go on and on about this guy. And although his personal remarks always end up reflecting poorly on his part, he is an incredible artist who is truly a master of his craft. And this post is mostly to manifest to myself that I like this guy, and he inspires me.

That is all.

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MJ said...

I'm not a huge fan of Kanye -and its not because of Taylor Swift of anything- But I agree he is definitely a mover and shaker, and an innovator. I'm glad you posted this although you were hesitating at first!