Saturday was my early Christmas. Twas great, I tell you. A smorgasbord of fun things happened, one major thing being that I got a new lens. The illustrious 50mm f/1.8D...I'm still testing the waters of this lens, and hopefully after more experience with it, I'll get a review of sorts up here. For now, here are some shots. Nothing really exciting, but a few good tests that are leaving me quite optimistic about this lens's future with me.

Santa still visits me THAT'S FOR SURE.

Other good things:

Spending time with my Logan BFFS. I love and miss them so much.
Pandora's Christmas stations
Late night chats with my super BFF Charles
Getting love notes from Katffrey. 
Salt Lake City
Abroad BFFS remembering your birthday and sending you a present in a letter
Visiting my old painting teacher (She's also old in age. 29. ANCIENT.)
Blog friends (sounds dumb, but I'm serious. That means you, Megan Bell)
Homemade Oreos
Kelli's thoughts
Talking to Lindsey ON THE PHONE
3 days until Ecuador

And a blurry self portrait:


Megan said...

I'm so, so honored to have made the list.
This post has the perfect christmas feel to it, what with all the pictures.

kelli christine case said...

you ROCK. thanks for the shout out homie. i hope you saw my fb shout out too. i heart you. cant wait to see you tomorrrrrrrrrrrow. lovvvves

ps you are beautiful

Brissa said...

Christmas Pandora station is the best. Also, I'm super jealous you get to go to Ecuador. You're going to rock it. mmmmbaby.