phaugg, glaces, & buks

I didn't REALLY mean to do the same pose in every picture. Bleh.

GUYS. NO EDITING ON THE LAST PHOTOG. holy canoli those colors are glorious.

I got a new pair of glasses from Zenni Optical after my friend Meisha blogged about hers, and they are awesome. Dorky, yes, but awesome. And 15 bucks including shipping. 15 BUCKS PEOPLE. They have tons of styles and all you need to have is your prescription and a friend to measure your eyes. 

Dorky pose for dorky glasses, right?

AWESOMNESS. And today, I splurged and got myself some books. And when I say splurged, I really mean rejoiced in the fact that each of these was 75 cents. WAHOOOOO.


Megan said...

mine are from zenni tooo.

Lauren Hulet said...

EAST OF EDEN! probably my favorite book. excellent choices. kudos to you.

Sara said...

love the glasses and love the books.

Meisha Marie said...

Oooo. Anna I love your glasses!

I totally need to get me some big nerdy glasses for when I am feeling extra studious.

And that picture!? yes. very yes.