nook shelves

This post is mostly because I think pictures of books and bookshelves are the best (like here, here,  here, here, & here,  (I told you I liked book pictures)). I rearranged a bunch of my books and other crap and I really liked how it ended up looking. This shelf has been in my childhood bedroom ever since I was a baybay, and my sister fixed this shelf up with a new fabric backing and a new paint job a while ago...and now it looks great (even if my mom hates it). Here tis! And as a preface, I know everyone and their dog has an owl collection now, but either mine are from a foreign country, or I built and glazed it with my own hands, so my collection of sorts is automatically cooler than yours. Hmm? (I'm kidding by the by).  


And my book of scraps (NOT A SCRAPBOOK) to seal the deal. Holla for litrachure!


kelli christine case said...

i just reviewed your blog and it is lovely. i adore you. i'm having realizations today that you are leaving me. noo.
i just saw your shout out for me on the blog..sorry i missed that before. thanx girlllll. love you xoxo

Sera Pie said...

Great photos!