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Paul Jacobsen & the Madison Arm

Last Saturday, a few friends and I attended a fabulous Christmas concert put on by Libbie Linton, Paul Jacobsen & the Madison Arm, and Fictionist (#10). It was at the fantastic Post Theater. Since I've been to several Libbie/Fictionist concerts before, I took more pictures of Paul Jacobsen & the Madison Arm. But only a few because I was far too busy listening to take pictures. Check it out.

These guys are one of my favorite bands as of late seeing as the lead singer has a voice very much like Glen Hansard from The Swell Season and as we all know, he is just the best. The appearance similarities are pretty crazy too. WE LIVE IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE. Great percussion, great guitars, great vocals equals all around awesome stuff. I took a pretty great video of their version of "I Saw Three Ships" but the sound got a little bit too hot for my camera and I just can't post a crappy fan video of a good song. But take my word--these guys are great.

The living room vibe to this show gave a great casual and classy tone for the evening and the Post contributed hugely to the ambiance. Fictionist toned down their set a bit with less synths, more acoustic guitars, and more brushes on the drums...different, but such a cool twist. They also performed some classic Christmas songs and a few of their own, one of which you can download for free on their facebook page. A superb show, friends. And my favorite picture from the evening...


No, wait. Just kidding. THIS is my favorite picture from the night.

Of course Amelia, Lauren and I dressed up in our Christmas garb for a Christmas show. IT'S CHRISTMAS.

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