Merry Moods

December? Really? What? I'm not ready for this month yet. But I should have known. And this is what I'm doing to ring in the holiday season.

Multiply this by a hundred, and this is all I'm doing for the next three weeks (WHAT). Other than this, there is an abundance of good news happening.

 Kelli is home. She is fantastic. I can't wait to work with her and to be enlightened by her words of wisdom. Our reunion was presh, and it really made me that much excited to have Heidi and Lindsey come home. There is really a void in my life with those guys gone, and it starting to be filled.

Two of my pals from school, Andrea and Wyn (from this post),  are engaged! I love these guys. They were part of my Sweeney Todd cast last year where their relationship (sort of) unfolded. Preciousness.

School is almost done. WHOOP!!!

And I made a Christmas card featuring lil' Mags and I.

Comic sans, Papyrus AND Curlz? And in a snowglobe? And a mock turtleneck with a beaded vest? And light up earrings? Not to toot my own horn or anything, but THIS IS A WINNER.


Laura Em said...

Hahaha. Thank you so much Anna, for putting a smile on my face today. If this card couldn't do it, I don't know what could.

katrina said...



i love you.

p.s. tHiS tYpInG sTyLe AdDeD a LoT iMo.