I made a videoooo! I threw it together real quick to document our festive tree goodness this year. It's pretty sloppy, and not really aesthetically pleasing what with a giant couch and an ugly quilt in the way for 90% of it, but hey, it's my first time I've ever made a movie or a real stop motion for that matter. WOOT!

And yes, we do have a fake tree because we're too lazy to get a real one. Sad. BUT HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

The song is "Angels We Have Heard on High" by Sir Sufjan Stevens. Praise him.


Brissa said...

Thank you. I will accept this as my Christmas present from you because
a) I love stop motion
b) This was awesome
c) I think of us as imaginary/real friends
You've got some mad skillz gurl.

Sara said...

trust your gut, post and don't worry about if you offend someone. i love it.