I worked at the merch table on Saturday night for The Lower Lights at the Post Theater. Last time I saw them was fantastic and I snapped a few shots that fortunately made it onto their website unbeknown to me, which is pretty exciting! They're getting a lot of traffic and sold out their first show, added an extra show AND we sold a ton of cds!
Consequently, I didn't get a chance to get a lot of pictures, but here are a handful.

I can't decide between the color or black and white on this one.

I've only been to the Post a few times, but it's been great so far. Venues probably mean too much to me, but often they can make or break a concert for me and I usually end up avoiding shows altogether if I know they're in a place with a horrible sound system. Velour is top notch in my book and the Post is creeping up there in the favorites as well. It has a great old time-y feel (considering the building is pretty old--I think), a great set-up that usually renders a more intimate gathering, & seats for lazy people like myself. There was a magnificent blizzard during the show that knocked it into my head that it's the end of November and winter/the holidays/holy-crap-I'm-leaving-soon dawned upon me. Time is flying.

There is really something so cool about going to the ticket booth and saying "my name is one the list." COOLNESS FACTOR RISING UP IN HURR.  In exchange for my hard work, I got admission and a cd! Sounds like a good trade to me, eh?


Brissa said...

It's my goal in life to be "on a list." Any list. You be legit.

Catherine Anne said...

Last year, I lived right next door to the Post Theater in the dorms. I recognize that scene all too well, especially with the snow. Thanks for the memories and coolness about being on the list!

Meisha Marie said...

Geez anna. You are too cool.

But about the glasses. They seem actually pretty good quality. My rooommate Mary bought hers from the website and she has had them forever. Her's are a metal frame, so they might be more durable than my plastic ones. But for $16.00 as opposed the $200 my lasts ones cost, I'm fine if they break in a couple months.