super gr8

Another gif for you kids of a sunset on a portion of the SLC skyline.

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This didn't end up to be anything that I initially intended it to be, but I'm liking what resulted. I tried to make this very super 8 film-like (like this). Good thing about gifs is that they almost always look horrible and pixelated if you do them through a free host like tinypic, but it completely adds to the style of it. The frame count was 50 cells, which was less than I had photos for, but alas, my computer had a tough time processing this many frames as it is. This was definitely a learning experience and now I know what to do and what not to do if I ever decided to do this again. LOLZ. Unfortunately, this wasn't that exciting of a sunset, and my SLR died right when I showed up to to this so I was stuck with my dinky point and shoot, but it all ended up working surprisingly well.

In other news, Maggie has been waking me up the last couple of days and I absolutely love it. It still scares me quite a bit to have a tongue on my face as a wake up call, but it's just SO DARN CUTE. Unfortunately, in exchange for the puppy kisses, this happened.

Broken, destroyed, ruined forever. Hope they tasted like a hundred bucks, Mags, because THAT'S WHAT YOU OWE ME NOW YA BUTT. Here's to hoping I got a warranty on these.

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