Who's the best bitch in town? THIS ONE!!!

Here's Aggie. Except she's Maggie now. Agnes is one of those joke names that works for a dog because you'd never really name a human Agnes (no offense to your grandma) but we decided that it was a little too old-lady nowtro hipster swankified for us...PLUS Maggie is a character in Hook which is one of the best movies ever. So MAGGIE IT IS! She's a Boxer pup with huge feet and the best forehead wrinkles I've ever seen.

My parents live just below an ATV area in Centerville where occasionally people spend time off-roading, making out, or dropping off puppies. My neighbor was around the area and found Aggie limping and famished. They picked her up and gave her to us. They just got a dog a few months ago and with that new puppy, two cats, and six kids, they couldn't afford to keep Maggie.  Since we had just put Lilly down, we were newly without a dog and preparing to get a new one. We didn't know if Maggie had been dropped off or was just lost, so we called the pound and had them pick her up and keep her for a week to see if anyone was looking for her...and so it goes, no one called and we were waiting to get her.

She fell into our laps, but I think this was the perfect time for us.

This is good prep for Ecuador (not really) because she pretty much requires 90% attention when you're with her. And she needs to pee all the time, and be disciplined, and take naps, and be held. Just like a baby, right? Less disciplining...more learning. That's a better word.

They say dogs tend to look like their owners which is completely true, in my family so far. My mom and Lilly were twins. It was cute. And weird. So I think now it's my turn. Maggie and I have the same hair color. CUTEEE.


Jalene said...

she is CUTE!!!

Jalene said...

Yeah. I'll always be a nikon user. I've read enough to know they will always be excellent in the important things. I don't dislike canon but I think they try and compensate for other areas by advertising big megapixel numbers which would only apply to people blowing up their prints to poster size. And by the way I have a d700. Not 7000. And I love it!!! Nikon makes things so much easier to use with settings at your fingertips. You have to go through menus with canon.

Anywho. The lens are what really matters. I use a 50mm f1.8. SUPER inexpensive. I think it's like $150. And then I recently bought a 35mm f2 which was under $400. That's it. The 50mm is a great lens! You should get it.

Lauren Hulet said...

Anna, I am in love with you and this dog and I adore the last photo.