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Well, that blizzard was definitely hyped up. I kinda thought it would be, and I'm pretty disappointed. And a little embarrassed I made a post completely revolving around the weather and a storm that ultimately was a big, fat let down.

My captions are becoming a game of mad gabs.

I am beyond glad that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I've missed this holiday.

To make this post a little less sucky:

Here's a picture in the art classrooms.

I didn't intend to merge the two frames together, but I like it. This room is incredible. The huge windows and the art supplies and clutter everywhere inflicted a serious rage/jealousy episode. I often wonder what things would be like if I was an art major. I fall back to the idea every now and then--maybe it'll stick one of these days.

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Carli said...

We were all fooled by the blizzard, don't let it get you down champ.