lyte paynte

There's an application on Facebook that logs how many times you use certain words in your statuses, and I just had to share. Top words are (after me begging people to see my flickr):
  • Used 3 times: Mean
  • Used 3 times: People
  • Used 3 times: Need
  • Used 3 times: Someone
  • Used 3 times: Any
  • Used 3 times: Really
  • Used 3 times: Feel
  • Used 3 times: Sorry
  • Used 3 times: Neato
  • Used 3 times: Show
  • Used 3 times: Week
  • Used 3 times: Free
People are mean, and I just need someone--anyone, really. Feel sorry for me. I went to a neat show. And it was free. I'm weak.


Light painting is awesome. I haven't done it on purpose for a long time, and Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky posted some of her light doodles today and I REMEMBERED. This picture of Old Main at USU is also one of my favorite light paint pictures along with this sail boat. So this wondrous night was spent painting with a flashlight. Fun.

The flashlight I used has a laser in it and my neighbor's cat ran across her yard and my entire yard at full speed to me because of the damndable laser. I was certain a rapist was running faster than the sound barrier to come and kill me. It scared the crap out of me.  It's a good thing I like this cat. She managed to make it into half of my pictures as well like this one.

Live? I'm such a poser. And a copier. But I still laughed when I wrote this.

Fall is delicious, if you can't tell from the setting that is dimly lit here. My parent's backyard is spectacular right now. I WISH I HAD A YARD.


mina said...

before we left on our trip, we practiced light writing for a whole evening. the photos are somewhere near the beginning of our blog. yours are way better!

Flora said...

I keep meaning to try this! I want to try with sparklers.

Amanda said...

I LOVE that one of those says poop. That's so funny.