Between Worlds

Dismembered humans fused with primates seems to be getting more and more popular in the art scene nowadays (like here & here (this being easily one of my favorite music videos in the last year) to name a few), but this series is one of the most polished and articulate collections that I have seen thus far. The title of the series and titles of the individual pieces are probably my favorite part. Check out Polixeni Papapetrou's "Between Worlds."
The Loners
The Debutants
The Harvesters
The Wanderer
The Watcher
The Provider
The Ambassadors
The Reader


mina said...

i am in love with these photos!! ever since i saw these: http://itscorykennedy.wordpress.com/2009/06/02/where-he-traveled-time-for-the-future-of-mankind/ i've wanted to do some strange animal head photoshoot - it looks like it would be such a laugh.

Marsy said...

love these! They are amazing :)