drinking haterade

Well, this has been the most unproductive week of my life. I've managed to get a ripe ten hours of sleep every night, still procrastinate my homework, spend no longer than five minutes assembling my meals, and catch up on all the tv I never used to watch on hulu. But I've needed/wanted this down time for a while now. I've been getting my ten coveted hours of sleep that I never got during the summer, I've been reading a lot, and I've been playing guitar. I haven't done a lot of those things in a long time.

I've also had a bunch of doctors appointments in prep for the immune assault that will probably happen whilst in Ecuador, and while getting my teeth polished, needles shoved into my skin, and filling out new passport papers, I've had a lot of photo ideas circulating in my head. As we talked about a few days ago (you are my cyber-therapist, remember), I dig me some creepy photos every now and then. Being that it's the season for scaring, I'm going to rummage up a handful of creepy photos, maybe break out my pinhole camera, and see what happens.

In school news, I've discovered that one of my professors hates me. This has only happened a few times in my life, and usually when I gave the teacher a valid reason. Or your teacher was the spon (sp?) of Satan and made a habit out of calling you a monkey and making sure you felt like you could not conquer trigonometry, ever. But other than that, I usually have a decent relationship with most of my teachers, especially professors. They actually like me a lot.
But I have one professor right now that does not like me. And I can not figure out why she picked me. I just wrote a whole paragraph on why she can be so absurd, but it would probably be boring to most of you so I'll just say, she was raised as a hippie (she has said this herself) and she has that mindset that everyone is narrow-minded, and it seems as though this mindset is only inhibiting herself and therefore making her what she hates about society. And I feel justified in this observation because everyone agrees with me. It seems like she's always trying to prove us wrong. Even if what she is trying to prove wrong are facts, and you can't disagree with facts. That's why they're facts, not opinion. I'm all about having a devil's advocate for a healthy discussion, but not when your purpose is just to piss on everyone else.
Now, in our 15 person class, she calls on everyone before she somewhat makes eye contact with me and grunts to let me know it's my turn to talk. Um, RUDE. 

We've been talking about stereotypes. In my opinion, stereotypes are a lot like sarcasm--there's always some truth in what it's saying. Although stereotypes are generalized and unfair sometimes (often, really), they weren't fabricated from some pseudo spheres of human nature. They were/are created on real images & characters. Now you can do whatever you want with said stereotypes, but in order to not be an oblivious and naive member of society, they're often necessary to construct representations of what is surrounding us to lead a relatively safe & educated life. Stereotypes are just a form of judgment. Unfortunately the word judgment gets a bad rap--it can often be swapped with common sense or intuition.

Ahh...I'm getting sidetracked. I think I just have a hopeful (or maybe over-hopeful) feeling about my generation. I think we're a lot smarter than we get credit for and I think we have enough COMMON SENSE to see beyond what the media is feeding us. Or maybe I've just been taking enough media & medium classes to recognize the the subliminal messages, which brings up another point that was brought up in one of my readings. The whole article was about our image-based culture and how in the early development of capitalism, workers were taught to read but not to write because following orders only took the the former of the skill set. It brought up the idea that this is still somewhat in effect today in modern advertising & consumerism because we all know how to read these images for what the producers want us to see, but do we know how to create these or understand them mechanisms that were implemented in order to make these images? It's relatively the SAME THING. My few formal courses in advertising and marketing education have taught me enormously about how much we need our own judgment to comprehend what the media wants us to believe and what we truly should believe. We've stopped thinking for ourselves! The media tells us exactly what we need and what we don't need. And that scares the dickens out of me. My main point is that my education has been an eye-opener about what the media is, and this has been one of the most important things I have learned throughout my education, yet I had learned it in an elective setting where I paid thousands of buckaroos to learn this. This needs to be mandatory. Media literacy classes are non-existent in public education. The media isn't going to go away (nor should it, really, because it can be pretty awesome), and we need consumers to be informed about what they're actually consuming. RIGHT?

Consequently, this has fed a monster inside me. I am going to school to become one of these master swindlers and now I am so paranoid that I am just going to be a big fat liar. As if integrity in the workplace wasn't scarce enough as it is. HA. I'm being a little melodramatic, but at least I'm thinking, right?

I hate nearly everything about the composition of this picture, but just take it for what it's representing, eh?

I once read something that you shouldn't write, or blog in this case, about things you wouldn't want to read about, and I can't quite tell if I'd really want to read about this quite yet (because I'm still deleting paragraphs about how passionate I am about some of these things), but you, yes you, deserve a congratulations for making it through this post. Congratulations, really. I'll mail you a gold star, if you'd like. I like that my "sidetracked" paragraph is the longest, and that this is pretty reflective of how much down time I've had this past week. GET A LIFE, ANNA.

Nope, gotta get back to watching modern family.

P.S. GUYS! I MADE IT ON MORMON BLOGOSPHERE!!!!!! Granted, any blog that says "mormon" on it probably makes it on, but I can't stop laughing about this. It's almost like FAMOUS MORMONS.COM! Shout out to Greg and Aimee Brown...YA'LL MADE IT ON THAT SITE!


Aimee said...

Thanks for the shout out. I would also like you to mail me a gold star.

Lindsay said...

Aimee and Greg don't deserve to have a shout out... because they don't update their freaking blog! But yeah, hey, gold star. PS, isn't it weird when professors hate you? It's the worst.

Paige said...

NOW I HAVE TO COMMENT AND MAKE THIS A WOODWARD COMMENT SECTION. The stuff on that board is what I'm doing in Physics right now. It's a sign that I'm going slightly crazy when I try to enlarge the picture to look at the problems on the board.

Lindsay said...

You are THE AWESOME, (H)Anna.

Kelli Anderson said...

so i just somehow found this old post. and at the end you were wondering if anyone would want to read this. well seriously. i have been thinking about how media literacy should be standard in public education this past week. i've concluded that there are so many things that could or should be considered standard or expected of young pupils. but realistically, i just decided that regardless of what happens in our public schools, i'm committed to teaching my own littles ones, little ones i meet, adults and youth alike, i'm going to try to teach the world the importance of media literacy and how to interpret what is being directed at you. because until my family lives on the babe farm in new zealand, we have no choice but to be literate about it.