The last few weeks have had a shocking amount of inaccurate age guesses. From one woman asking me how many kids I have (not if I even had any), to one co-worker who has worked with me for 5 months assuming that I was older than my brother (25). I have gotten pretty used to the idea that I look or somehow seem older than I am, of which I really am not entirely sure what it is that makes me seem older to some people, but I can't help but wonder what 25+ is going to look like if that's apparently what I look like now. HMM.

Tavi Gevinson is the bomb. She's got this huge blog where's she's doing all the things she wants to do. And she's 14. She has a really good mantra about her blog as well--"I don't post if I don't feel like it. It feels contrived and boring and chore-like, and my other policy is that I'll stop once this feels like a chore." I really don't feel any pressure to blog whatsoever, but sometimes I want to blog, but have nothing to blog about. That's real pressure. My life's getting kind of boring. Good thing I'm leaving it in two months.

Back to the white walls, back to the non-yakking, back to experimenting. The battle of triad color schemes.


Or the modern RGB?

Or screw the whole thing and make a combination of the two?   


This isn't really my favorite. But it was inspired by the album cover for Wild Nothing's "Gemini". Album art is awesome. I think that may be one of the best jobs--creating album art and the packaging and everything that comes with a tangible CD. Plus, they give away (pff, give away) Grammys for this stuff and who doesn't want a Grammy?

And guys, I definitely have PSD.

I Have PSD from Hyperakt on Vimeo.


Megan said...

1. I love the first photo.
2. I hate people who are awesome at a young age, but i love them more than I hate them.

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

I am officially in love with all of your pictures.