siblings and secret windows

It's been just over a year since I've seen my shmookziepoo, but now it means that she'll be home in no time! I feel like I make way too big of a deal out of my sister being gone, but I think my posts just get really sentimental and accentuate stuff even though I really don't obsess about this all the time. But it does still suck to think about how she hasn't really been "there" for me over the last year. Whatever. It's just that I've changed so much since she left and she's changed eons, so it'll definitely be strange to think about our blessed reunion and what it'll be like when we're together again. And the first song that she will hear when she gets into the car will inevitably we this followed by this. Or this. There's so many options!

Here's some picture from last year at Frightmares which is easily the best time to be at Lagoon.

Waiting for siblings is so much harder than waiting for boyfriends, people. I mean, I could've just gotten another sister if I really wanted to, but I think Lindsey may be The One.

I love siblings. My senior year of high school was a rough one for me. My brother was in Boston for his third year and my sister had left in October to work in Ecuador. They had both been gone before, and I had sort of gotten used to it, but I think I just freaked out a little more when I realized they were much further away. Fortunately, my brother was coming home for Christmas. I was working when my parents went to pick him up from the airport and before they went home, they stopped by my work. It was the Christmas Eve and there were probably 40 people in this tiny little store that were waiting to be helped and I and every other employee was running around like madness trying to take care of everything. And then my brother walked in (cue symphonies and slow motion). I walked over to him and hugged him, said a few things and then they left. I then proceeded to run to the bathroom and bawl for a few minutes. It was pathetic, and cute, and hilarious. Only one of my co-workers saw me, but she then pulled a "WAIT ANNA ARE YOU CRYING? OMG CUUUUUUUUTE!!!!". Embarrassing. This is the dorkiest story, but I don't think I'm ever going to forget it.

Here's another addition to my creep series. The Secret Window is my favorite scary movie. These images won't really make sense unless you've seen the movie, but I'll sort of explain. Sort of.

Mort (Johnny Depp) is a writer who is being harassed by a man named "Shooter" who claims that Mort stole his story, "The Secret Window", which Mort swears that he wrote himself. After several run-ins with Shooter, he becomes aggressive and threatens to kill Mort unless he admits that he didn't write it and gives himself some portion of the profits that Mort's made from the piece. Mort has the police at his house to provide him with extra security, but when Mort comes home from being out one day, he discovers that Shooter was in his house.

This one reveals a hidden message of sorts from Shooter..."Shoot Her".

And the end of the film, it shows a man (I won't specify who) who is eating corn that was grown in his garden just outside of his house which also has a few bodies buried underneath. WHAAAAAA.

I love Halloween. And scary movies. THEY ROCK.


katrina said...

you are such a creep.

i kind of love it.

sibling luv iz d bezt.

i think i saw bobby (your brother) today. he was behind me for a good ten min on the road. that is, if it was him.

Steph Romney said...

I hate scary movies. Hate them. EXCEPT for What Lies Beneath and Secret Window.

Catherine Anne said...

Ohhh my gosh. Scariest movie of my life.