Shutter pt. 2

Alas, the final and most terrifying part of this movie, because Polaroids never lie.

SPOILER ALERT (haha!!). Don't read more if you don't want it spoiled! But let me tell you. It's good. It's very good.

PEE MY PANTS. I'm gettin' the heebs just looking at this. Oish.

A hell of a lot of photoshopping went into this, so I'll show you a little of how I did it. I stitched two images together because in the frame that had the higher view of the zombie, I was laughing. Heh.  The trickiest part was connecting it, because the seam was right at my eyes. Tricky, yet it worked out surprisingly well. A ton of burning, texturing, altering colors, and adding some hair, I finished my zombie.

I used this Polaroid frame which was very well set up and easy to use, more color alterations, grains, blurs, THE WORKS to get a faux Polaroid look. And it definitely looks faux and hipstamatic-like, but whatever. I wanted the concept more than the style, I suppose. And here's an outtake. Thanks to my roomie Ali for being my zombie. HOW WILL I EVER THANK HER?


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Fantastically creepy!

CK said...

WOW! This is awesome! Very creative!