Shutter pt. 1


One of my pals told me to check this movie out, and I think this is going to be one of my favorites scary movies. I worry about spoiling endings, so I tried my best to not directly give away certain plot points, but ultimately the lesson is to CHECK THIS MOVIE OUT. I watched the original Thai verson, which features one tres hottay Asian, Tun, who is a young photographer who after a horrific car accident with his girlfriend, finds eerie shadows in his film.

So...I was looking through my old pictures trying to see if there were any shadows or faces or weird orbs or anything, and I found this picture from True Aggie Night last year...GHOST! Ghost I tell you!

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Laura Em said...

I am creeped.

Brissa said...


Meisha Marie said...

oh my creeptastic. hahahahahahah. it looked at me! thats really great.