Fork Fest

Fork Fest will be one hippin' and happenin' get together this weekend on the 16th of October in the one and only American Fark. I CAN'T WAIT. Some of the best local peeps out there lined up this whole shindig and it looks like it will be an incredible showcase of the abundance of talent that we have here in Utah. I never thought I was one of those "local band" people (whatever they are), but how can you not when we have such great stuff right at our fingertips! The whole thing is FREE and features some of my favorite acts, like Isaac Russell, Fictionist, & Mudbison, all of whom I have had the pleasure of seeing and shooting (photographs) live, and they always provide a great show. North Platte Records also did us the great favor of compiling the artists from this great festival and giving us some of their tunes! Hooray for free-ness! Here's more on the festival and how awesome it is. 

Click here to visit North Platte Records and download the CD, and click here for the official Fork Fest website that has directions, line-ups, and schedules.


Jesse Noe Mendez said...


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Brissa said...

I'm not even going to TELL you the kind of "fork fest" I thought of when I first saw your title....

Krista Michelle said...

Yay I'm going to this! I'm SO excited.