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Facebook wins. Again. I discovered these photos/this photographer from Ayley Johnson, who may or may not be my bizarro twin.

These dance photos are incredible. There is so much power in black and whites. The raw energy that's captured is invigorating. I danced for a good portion of my childhood (what little girl doesn't?), so dance will always be a special thing to me. So special that I'm still going to embarrass myself and continue to do it whenever possible.

See more on his flickr.

Last week, I saw Mao's Last Dancer at the Broadway Theater. If you like these images, you'll like this movie. Despite what the title may lead you to believe, the movie is incredibly inspiring and uplifting. Documentaries are one of my favorite kinds of movies, but when it comes to content, they are usually drawing attention to topics or situations that are overlooked & ignored and are usually bad, sad, and make you mad. And I usually just end up a little more depressed than I previously was, so why watch them? I don't know. But this movie was a fantastic break from my usual stream of dismal movies. The story is about a young Chinese boy, Li Cunxin, who is hand-picked to train in a prestigious dancing school in Beijing. He is eventually chosen to dance for a summer in a Texas ballet institute. It follows him and his journey to becoming a STAR. And I'm just realizing now that I'm horrible at writing reviews for movies right now, so take my few feeble words for it--it's a great movie. It's also based on a true story. Whoda thunk.

Man that was a sucky paragraph, but that's what you get when you watch The Pianist at one in the morning (see what I mean about depressing movies?).

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Ashley said...

Oh I want to see that! Plus I find that man dancing to be very attractive. Also, I looooove dancers. I want to paint/photograph them ALL THE TIME though I almost never have.