attend the tale

I have a confession to make. For those of you who don't know me, I've done my fair share of theater (fair meaning any, really), and this episode of The Office hit far too close to home (at least watch until the jingle). I love theater humor, specifically making fun of theater humor, hence why Waiting for Guffman is my favorite movie.
I love it especially because this time last year, I was in Sweeney Todd. And I loved it. I had 40 best friends. IT ROCKED. Being a chorus member means that you probably won't have super pictures of you, but that you'll get to spend that much longer creating shenanigans backstage with all the other chorus members. Here's some pictures of me in my get up which consisted of a horrific corset that was hell to put on every night and the awesome makeup that scared my roommates every time I came home.

I'm on the left--far left--lookin' SHARP.
FYI: Nostalgia is having its merry way with me. I miss Logan, and I really miss Utah State--wait, what? I KNOW.

FYI PT. 2: Tumblr is quite pretty sometimes, and my front page is particularly appealing to me at the present moment (I made it, I should like it), but I've got some great stuff up right now like lightning striking the Statue of Liberty, some incredible  customized bikes, the Hipster Potter series, and a comical Van Gogh portrait.

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