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Friday night at Velour plus tasty music spells a good time.
I've been a big fan of Isaac Russell since the first time I saw him two years ago. Formerly known as RuRu (which has such a nice album cover),  Isaac took it solo after being signed to Columbia records. And get this, he's only 18.

From his new Ep.
I ran into him and his shmucks playing "Girl" by the Beatles on the side of the street when I was in New York a few weeks after the first time I'd seen him play. I swooned. We shared a nice conversation and reminisced about him signing my bodyworlds pamphlet. He's a cutie.
I think I've finally figured out how to get good concert photos in less frames with less guess work and less post processing. In fact, each of these photos are straight out of the camera with no editing. That's a pretty big deal.

And whadaya think, when you produce fair images from the get go, it makes editing that much more fun and a hundred times easier. So here's two post processed images that are a little edgier

Primary color schemes make me randy.

One of the best parts of the show was when we were introduced to the production company that is The Occidental Saloon. We watched a music video of dear Isaac playing an acoustic version of "Lighthouse" from his latest EP and sported a coonskin cap & a pair of goggles all while floating down the Provo river in a canoe. People, including me, can bash Provo all they want, but when stuff like this comes around, I craaave to be in their scene. The collaborative efforts of some really cool dudes make up an incredible music video production group. I'm telling you--AUDIO VISUAL COMBOS ARE THE BEST. One of the best parts of this group is that they're on itunes with their videos ipod-accessible through the wonderful world of podcasts.

I can't endorse these people enough, but it is so exciting to see such quality artistry coming from the great state of Utar (PEOPLE WORKING TOGETHER!!!! UTAH!!! WHAT A GREAT PLACE TO BE!!!!).

P.S. To any and all ya'll that are reading this blog. I love you. Thank you for supporting me with page visits and profile views. It boosts my cyber confidence.


katrina said...

randy! ANNA!




Anna said...

HEY! What's wrong with RANDY?

Lulu said...

thank you for your sweet words on my blog today! =]
and thanks for exposing me to some awesome new music. i'd never heard of this guy until now, and he's great!
(also, your concert photography is amazing!!!)

Lauren said...

can i just say that velour always turns out the coolest pictures. the lighting, stage, and the freaking fantastic music that comes from it...nothing compares.

Jessica Kettle said...

well, hello! thanks for the comment. =) love your blog, and these concert photos are rad. yes, rad.

Jessica Kettle said...

well, hello! thanks for the comment. =) love your blog, and these concert photos are rad. yes, rad.

Megan said...

I can't believe I missed it! I had no idea he came to town! I'm sooooooo sad.

The Occidental Saloon said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out. The pics look great!