treeholes & a-holes

Thanks Paige, you have the greatest blog title ideas.

TODAY IS A GLORIOUS DAY! Well, maybe a little bittersweet, but only a little bitter.
But alas...my job is OVER! I realize I never talked about it in detail, so here's your introduction. I worked for the Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement. What did I do? I'll just let the picture speak for itself. 

I'm a certifiable Tree bg/yn (thanks Courtney)! Please tell me why this picture was a good idea--oh WAIT it's NOT. Alas, this job did give me my first cover page story in a newspaper. I'm not kidding. This bad boy was on the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune, and I don't know about you, but with a picture like this I would be dying to know what in the world was the reason for doing what is being done in said picture. But good old Francisco Kjolseth did what he could to make the picture...interesting? If you're really interested about what I actually did, check out the article. It does a pretty fair job of explaining it.

It was tough work sometimes. Especially that day that we worked in Liberty Park and it was 103 degrees. The 20ft ladder felt that much heavier. Fortunately Jake Hurt Hughes decided he would write me a poem about me and how beautiful I looked while carrying that ladder. Strangers are funny, and probably one of the best parts of this job, for me at least. My partner was terrified of strangers which is really a whole other story in itself, but I've met some crazy people and some awesome people. A random side note, I recently found this mini zine called "Utah Stories" which has a bunch of great interviews of locals in the Salt Lake valley, which quickly reminded me of the cool people I've met while working, so if you're into reading about local peeps and their coolness, check it out! ANYWAYS, I really enjoyed my job and I am incredibly fortunate to have had the job that I had. It had all the pros you could ever ask for--consistent schedule, good pay, no weekends, and it wasn't retail. IT WASN'T RETAIL.

That's where the a-hole part comes in. I've been working at good ol' Mrs. Cavanaugh's in Bountiful for 4 years now. And I don't know why, but some of the people, customers specifically, are complete jerks there. And it doesn't help that we have a marquee that consistently has Mr. Cavanaugh's political agendas preached. Regardless of what he's actually talking about, it NEVER ends up being a pleasant situation for the workers because no matter what it says, it's bound to piss somebody off. And then that somebody comes and yells at me. Ah. I could go on and on.

Thankfully, I had two jobs to keep me busy. And thankfully, I really enjoy working. I always have. I really hope that attitude sticks.

Also, co-workers can be some of the coolest people you know. Like 1000 Awesome Things says, it is pretty awesome when a work friend becomes an outside-of-work-friend.  Or in my case, your co-worker becomes your roommate. WICKI-WHA?! Love you Lil' D.

Now I have a ton of free time. And I'm loving it. I'm going to force myself to produce some good stuff in this down time that I have because I'll have little time to do anything like that while in Ecuador.
I also got a bike! The abatement sold their bikes at a super cheap price, so I got a 200 dollar bike for a fourth of the price. I'm really excited about this. I gave up on the bike that I had last year. It was my sister's and I'm pretty sure her/her friends completely destroyed the gears making it difficult and embarassing to pedal a zillion rotations and only go 5 feet. Enjoy that mental image of me doing exactly that and you'll understand why I wanted a new bike.
Sunday, I went to look for some locations for an upcoming shoot, and I think I found a really great spot. In the mean time, here's two photogs I snapped while exploring, neither really showing the location, but hey, WHATEVEZ.



Megan said...

I completley loved this entire post.
I always found that marquee hilarious, always BEGGING people to listen to Glenn Beck.

gerbdesign said...

That is so funny! p.s. customers are just lame. Every time a lame customer yells at me or accuse me of lying, I just want to say something along the lines of "if you want it to be so, go make it so, and leave me alone. If you so strongly disagree about *in this case 'modest' wedding dresses, don't come in!"

jazzmugz said...

i'm from australia, and when i was traveling in the US i hung out with Mr jake hughes a few times - i'd take some rum over to his house, try his cooking & help put his poems on the web... so weird to stumble upon this in a random blog! most of his poetry is on his website 'visions in words' by the way, if you wanted to link to it. fascinating life story too...

Anonymous said...

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