swiss miss

My parents and I went to Swiss Days in Midway early Saturday morning. Before I say anything more, go watch Waiting for Guffman. 

Got it?
Midway is a slightly European/heavily Mormon Blaine.
Now I just need to find Corky.

I'm pretty sure Swiss Days is the biggest thing that happens in this little town, but it is great every time I go. It's mostly just a smorgasbord of cheesy vendors that all are selling the same stuff, but occasionally you run into some really great stuff, one of those being Rustico.

These guys always have a huge selection of leather bound journals & sketchbooks, all of which I'm convinced I need. They can be a little pricey, but when you buy them at events like Swiss Days, they drastically cut all of the prices. Enough to buy myself three "writer's log" journals & a bracelet all for $25. YEAH! They also make some beautiful Book(s) of Mormon(s) that I try to coerce my mother into buying for me every time. But she's anti-word-of-God. I kid.

BUT, the best part of Swiss Days has and will always be Kerry Christensen, master yodeler (that video is a WINNER). My family geeks out every time we see him. We own the majority of his music. We love him. Enough to get fan photos with him.

Bashful, are we? It's the lederhosen. It gets me every time.

My roommate can't get over the fact that this guy exists. HE IS REALLY GOOD AT YODELING, OKAY? And I have Swiss roots, so BACK OFF. This is my heritage. And I am PROUD.

Anywho, here's a few more mediocre pics of our day in Switzerland.


The middle photo is as fake as it gets. And I have no idea who the lady to the right is.

My dad and I decided that every city I go to, I need to take a picture of me dancing by a sign, or some sort of landmark. It's not that original of an idea, but I don't think my dad has been more proud of me after seeing this picture of me in the wonderful town that is Mallad, Idaho.

I won't deny it, it's a pretty fantastic picture. I am SO PROUDZ. So in accordance with my new photo project that may or may not actually become a photo project, I give you more dansability than you ever wished to see in two forms in Midway, Utah (and this is the Blainiest it can get).

P.S. To give credit where credit is due, my dear Paige took the infamous Mallad picture, and my dad took most of the Swiss Days pictures. LOVE YA PAIGE & POPS.


Meisha Marie said...

Oh me oh my. Those journals are lovely. I have a hard time justying forking out the $40 on their website when my current journal is only half full.

BUT. as soon as its full, you bet your bottom dollar i will have one!

AmyK said...

Aw, love this post. Lots of cuteness.