newz 4 youz

I went to The Lion King at the capital theatre. Fifth row seats make a world of difference. I mean, I could SEE THE SWEAT ON SIMBA! Neat. I made sure to express how neat it was by dancing after the show. With a giant cell phone in the back pocket. Cute, huh?

I finally explored campus. Well, kind of. 

My roommate and I went to this bookstore on 15th & 15th in SLC called "The King's English." Just look at the front of the place and tell me you don't want to go there.

A face card?! Pa-chaw.

Redfest was this weekend as well. I'm an idiot and missed everything but the last half hour, but that's okay. It was free. Mates of State is great if only for nostalgic purposes. They are definitely unique and are not an full-album listening band (at least for me), but this band sums up my happiness in 9th grade. Plus, this music video is really, really cool. And they're cute. And married. And have cute kids. They pretty much OOZE cuteness. I mean, just look at them?

Woot Woot! My blog is turning into a "look-how-many-concerts-I've-been-to" blog. Hmmm. I don't know how I feel about that.


Lulu said...

thanks for showing me that other guys' Flickr stream! it's awesome =D and i definitely agree about Mates of State. i have about five of their songs that i used to be completely addicted to a few years ago that i still randomly play.

ps- lion king = WIN

Amanda said...

I shlove shlove SHLOVE Mates of States cuteness. They radiate love.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

When I was younger, I really wish I would have started a "look-how-many-concerts-I've-been-to" blog. Hehe! It's so fun to look back on! :)

Kramer said...

you look great in front of Kingsbury. KEEPITUP