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My love for bathroom photos continues...

My expression in the top image is quite haggard, but I think it adds to the photo, right? (Right). The middle image is creepy (and it shows my ample amount of junk in my trunk), but I like it. I'm starting to realize that the more my taste in art develops, the more I like creepy things, or maybe it's just Halloween coming up on us, or maybe it's a combination of the two. Either way, I'm liking creepy pictures done tastefully that imply mildly heinous things. Like this, and this. The thing I like about these photos is that they play on the imagination. This guy, Joshua Hoffine (WARNING...really, if you can't do gore, don't even click through), has a whole series of "horror photography" which is all incredibly well done and meticulously thought out, but I can't do the blood and guts all the time. The same goes for scary movies. I would much rather watch a movie that mentally freaks me out for days versus chopped up bodies everywhere. That's just gross and unnecessary. 
Anywho, there's my theory on creepy images/movies.

I think my body is partially giving up on me. I fell asleep after work today and slept for an embarrassing amount of time (6 hours). And since we're all entitled to a little venting, I'm going to take advantage. I'm tired. It isn't pleasant when you're at work before the sun rises, and you come home from class long after the sun has set.

But I really can't emphasize enough how good I've got it. Over the summer, I think I really realized that, mostly because I had two drastic surroundings to compare. The majority of my co-workers went to school while working full time or they had two jobs--one co-worker in particular worked 12-14 hours five days a week. And then there's the other side. I don't want to get into specifics, but realize that if you've got spare time to read this blog from what is probably your personal computer, you've got it better than more people than you'd think.  I don't mean to preach, but it absolutely drives me nuts to see people constantly gripe about their situation when you have it so good. I have so much to work on myself when it comes to humility and gratitude because I, for one, can't handle not having a computer or having a crappy camera, but when so many other essential life situations are handed to you on a plate, and you are still focusing on what you don't have? I'm sorry, but I can't understand that. 

Sorry for the killjoy, but these thoughts have been cultivating in my brain for a while now, and I gotta let it shpeel.


Britny said...

oohhh I love the last one!!

Megan said...

I completely love that first image. completely.

Meisha Marie said...

Anna. I love your blog. I have been thinking about this a quite a bit lately. I have to constantly remind myself of what I actually need and that I am SO lucky that I can afford the things I need by working a part time job and putting myself through school.

Aaand. I love your creepy pictures. I think they hold such a mysterious/enchanting feel. Especially the second photo. The lighting in it. Mmm.

I love you anna