I, and every other northern hemispheric human, am embracing the most glorious season of the year that starts today--AUTUMN!!!! Everyone loves Autumn. Cereal. Errbody does. I mean just LOOK AT IT!
But the best thing about fall is how it is a sensory overload--the rainy smells, the chilly air, the analogous colors everywhere, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin pie. Oh pumpkin PIE. Autumn brings some of the best feelings out there. I'm not sick of school yet (usually), Halloween is soon, birthdays (specifically mine, and it really does bring a neat feeling that you're a little bit smarter than you were the year before), and just the overall sense of championship. It'll be a long time before I get out the school year mode where years and eras begin and end in August and May, so fall has always presented a new start. Which is refreshing, and terrifying at times. But it's gonna be GREAT. Alas, fall does bring cold season, of which my apartment has now morphed into one giant germ. Ali is the only one who hasn't fallen victim to the plague that's being passed around, but never fear, she's sweetly sleeping in her bed while I'm coughing on her toothbrush. 
Huzzah for fall!
Also, I was featured on the one and only profane tumblr for redheads! Here,  here,  & here.
By rachel.am


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

beautiful images :)

Mr. and Mrs. James said...

hazaaaah fall! let's go ghost hunting!

Sara Davis said...

Seriously beautiful photos. Your writing makes me feel like Im talking to you and I love it!