Chris McCaw

I discovered this guy a few years ago at an art gallery in Moab, and boy was I glad to see his work. I was at a period of art confusion, not knowing if photography was a valid or viable form of art in comparison to formal mediums like painting or drawing, but after seeing these images, it was impossible to deny the pure artistry that was McCaw's luminary work.
"The Family Farm" is a series that he created after the death of his grandfather. He realized that these kinds of farms were quickly becoming extinct and his grandmother is facing pressures from developers to surrender her property & essentially her personal history. He says, "because of all this, I am committed to capturing a sense of what this family farm, my family's farm, is like. It is my intention for this project to stand as a document of my family's history, and a way of life that is ending in California."
After my grandpa died earlier this year, I came to this same realization, and his work has largely inspired my desire to visually document my grandparents' lives as well.

See more at his website.


Catherine Anne said...

Gorgeous images, thank you for sharing :)

JMay said...

His art is exquisite!