I recropped this picture from this.
I'm about 97% percent certain this is cooler than it was before, so why didn't I just crop it earlier? Who knows. 

Don't you wish you had an itinerary of your life from God?  I don't need to memorize it or have it photocopied or anything, just let me have a peek at it, eh?

In other news,

I'm listening to Bibio. It's groovy. Listen & be happy. Specifically you, Mandy Allen.

And I mith ma thith. She's going to kill me for posting this, but I can't help it. It's too funny. 



JMay said...

"Don't you wish you had an itinerary of your life from God?"

Omg, yessssss!!!

Love that pic btw :-)

Amanda said...


Mr. and Mrs. James said...

hahaha... LOVES it!

Kristy said...

I just watched this 6 times and laughed harder each time. It is just way too funny. How many of these things do you have? And please post them all!

katrina said...

bahahahahahaha how did i miss this? i go to your blog a million times a day and i just saw this.

thank you so much for sharing.