to my dearest forsaken

Here's the deal. I'm on a good streak of confidence, and I figured while this is still happening, I better get to getting ma music out derr before all emotional hell breaks loose. And because I've had a few friends request that I give them a recording of me and I haven't had a really good one until now.  

Listen to this song. Find your opinions. And give them to me.

MEANING, if you'd like the track for your own listening pleasures, email me (anna.james@comcast.net)/comment here with your email and I HOOK YOU UP.

And now, the song that has made me almost famous....HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!!!

Because a good post needs a mediocre picture.

P.S. The player may take a moment to load the track. Let me know if the player is even working for you...it's working great for my computer, but not my roommates?? (HELP?)



Meisha Marie said...
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Catherine Anne said...

Ummmm DUH. OF COURSE I want this song. And any others you have. In fact, please make an album and give me just 2% of the bajillions you will make from the bajillion copies you sell. Is that so much to ask? Please and thank you.


Brissa said...

i'm speechless.
i shouldn't even have to ask. my lack of words should tell you that i want this song now. on repeat on my pizzle all day long.


p.s. teach me to be like you.

Brissa said...
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Kristy said...

I am sad to report that the song will not load for me.

Meisha Marie said...

Wow anna. You are so talented!

I would LOVE you forever if you would send me this song. I will even pay you for it!

Krista Michelle said...

Holy shit.


Ashley Benjamin said...

ANNA JAMES!! That is AMAZING! Please send me that track. Seriously, woman. You are my idol.


gerbdesign said...

two thumbs up!

Hannah Grace said...

Yes please! Your talent overwhelms me.


katrina said...



me need now.

Andrea said...

Oh, Anna James, I want this.


Monica Hawkes said...

Was this the one we recorded? I seriously listen to you ALL THE TIME. Don't think I'm a creep...

Anna said...

THANKS YA'LL FOR YOUR INTEREST! I'm sending out the track 2 nite. Look for it.

Monica--I actually re-recorded it with my brother and I didn't mess up so many times on the guitar on this one, but they're both good.

Anonymous said...

you've got a great voice :D

cache and lindsey said...

To say I love this is an understatement!

Kelli Anderson said...

why haven't i ever commented on this post? i need this. please.