Rune Guneriussen pt. 1

Rune Guneriussen has created some of my favorite images that I have come across in the last few months. Expert props, that dusk-y light that makes one crave summer walks or night games (or "the blue hour" light), clever titles, & a hefty dose of personification sum up the Norwegian native's enchanting installations & photographs.

There is no earthly explanation

A herd of solitude
One can rely on the prudence of his decisions # 03
Unprepared winter scenario
A charged meadow
Evolution # 02
One can rely on the prudence of his decisions # 02
Don't leave the lights on
Along with the weather they came

And now all I want is a light up globe. Or twelve of them.

Stay tuned for next week's edition of "sundee stuffs" for Rune Guneriussen pt. 2!


Britny said...

this reminded me of "The Prestige!"
Totally cool!

Bemorte said...

Yeah, I think your desciption of the pictures was as poetic as the pictures themselves.

Anna said...

A Mortensen comment combo?! WOOHOO.
Britny, I have yet to see that movie which is bad of me, I know, but I'm beyond interested now!
Bryan, you're great. I hope I'm not a bear.