"Little Ghosts" -- Duston Todd

This series by Duston Todd came at the perfect time. I am craving ghosts hunts, scary stories, and horror films far before the usual craving sets in. Needless to say, these pictures have made me more and more anxious to go exploring and find me a ghost.
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GOOD NEWS: I went to my friend's cabin this weekend, and we're fairly certain there was an intruder there. AWESOME.

And what a way to follow that than by watching Paranormal Activity?

(I'm looking for scary movie suggestions--got any?)


Carli said...

What???? Dude I have the best story for you, i went LEGIT ghost hunting this summer, like with the night vision camera's and digital photography, EVP and everything soo good, I highly recommend taking up the hobby if you like getting scared. As far as scary movies go I suggest "The Orphanage" or "The Exorcism"

Anna said...

Ah shut it carli. I WANT TO DO THAT.

Kaysens nye kl├Žder said...

Oh, what a cute little girl! :)