Ever since school got out, I've been in a limbo stage of living.
At my parents' home, I was temporarily moved into my sister's room (I still don't know why I couldn't just go to my own room), and all the while, I was renting at my current apartment in SLC that for various reasons, wasn't able to move into until now.
 With those two, and frequently switching between beds, I had grown accustomed to living with my entire life in my purse. It's already jam packed, and adding deodorant, a toothbrush and an extra pair of undies was convenient, but was quickly getting annoying.

So here I am, eating my first dinner here with the easiest thing I can make (cereal), and sweating like madness because my roommates don't want to pay for air conditioning. But finally settled.

This picture reflects pretty well how I'm feeling these day: tired as hell.

And listening to Celine Dion as loud as I want.

Three cheers for SLC!


Steph Romney said...

yes. limbo stage at the parents' sucks. celine on the other hand, doesn't suck.

Equinat said...

It'll be fun seeing you at the U! I'm excited!