the good times are killing me

Two days ago was the first day of the infamous Twilight Concert Series. The combination of no cost + quality music = gift from God. These things never happen. At least not on any day other than Thursdays.
Modest Mouse--Twilight Concert Series

I'm all about live music. ALL ABOUT IT. But when you're me, these events can have a few minor downsides. Like this is the view I have for 96% of the concert.


And sometimes, you're stupid and think "Pffff 5,000 people? I'll definitely be able to find my friends." 24 phone calls & 4 texts later, you're never going to find them. Never. So I was alone. In Pioneer Park. Among 4,963 impaired idiots.

That and the myriad of a-holes that I got to be surrounded by led to one woman's entire beer being spilled on my arm/chest which made for a soaked & sticky shirt for the rest of the show (she's probably a Ute--it's to be expected), two more a-holes blowing their homemade spice pipe smoke directly into my face (you couldn't maybe just, I don't know...not like a demand or anything...just, i don't mean to be rude...but uh...hmm....BLOW YOUR SHIT FILLED SMOKE UP INTO THE FRESH AIR? NOT INTO MY FACE?!), and last, but definitely not least, after putting my hand up to take my first picture of the night, having some chick tell me to "f---ing put you GD f---ing camera down. Be present and stop taking f---ing pictures. Quit acting like you're more important than everybody else. Like 'ooooh I GOTTA GET THIS.' GAAWD." Sorry ma'am, but I've got a blog. And it's important. So take a chill pill.

And then I took another picture. SO SUCK IT BITS!

Modest Mouse--Twilight Concert Series
"are you dead or are you sleeping?"

I did become friends with a 2 year old on his dad's shoulders. He was the nicest person there.

Needless to say, I hate crowds sometimes. This kind of crap never bugs me, but this time was just a little to much for me.

Modest Mouse--Twilight Concert Series

P.S. Modest Mouse? Stellar.


katrina said...


i would say im done with these shows, but i have to go to she and him.

Isaac said...

Good concert turns out there were more like 40,000 people there according to KSL. It took us a while to find a good crowd but when we did it was well worth it

Kristy James said...

Anna. I love you.

Anna said...

Kat - free definitely equals idiots. I think I'm done as well. Maybe.

Isaac - So multiply the amount of impaired idiots by ten...good Lord that's a lot of high people.

Kristy - Love you too. OF COURSE!