My Attempt at Being Human

I have irrational fears. Like volcanoes, outer space, dinosaurs, and flagpoles.
I'm not always a good friend. I'm better at being an acquaintance.
I have conversations with people where I say what I really want to say to them. They're all in my head.
I judge narrow-minded people.
I have commitment issues.
I'm addicted to my computer.
I hate pessimism.
I feel guilty about not knowing enough about cameras or camera equipment.
I constantly think about my outer appearance.
I never know what hugs feel like because I'm so concerned with not being an awkward hugger.
I love Jazz. I know next to nothing about it. I still like Jazz.
I'm scared I'm going to be a bad mom.
I fear my red hair is my only source of individuality.I don't try at school.
I don't have patience. At all.
I can't teach.
I'm scared of not being smart.

I stay up too late.
And sleep in too much.

To me, there's something so beautiful and raw about black and white portraits that are untouched.

The real deal. A gradient layer and that's it.
Inspired by the one and only, Chuck Close.
By the by, that's a PAINTING. Wrap your mind around that.


Lars. said...

I. Love. This. Entry.

Megan said...

I'm scared I'm going to be bad Mom too.