Happy 100!

100 posts. Really? Really. I didn't think I would actually commit to this blogging thing enough to make it to 100 posts. I think I'm finally starting to get a feel for what I want this blog to be...but we'll see. We'll play it by cyber-ear.

Happy 100th Edwin Land!
Photo and cake by Jamie Larson.

Woohoo! This is the closest cake that I could find to celebrate this bloggity blog. It's close, but far enough away that I should MAKE MY OWN CAKE TO CELEBRATE, RIGHT?!


Catherine Newman said...

Did you ever celebrate Day 100 in Elementary School? We'd always bring posters with 100 little prizes or pieces of candy to share. And wear hats that said 100 on them. 100 Day in Elementary was by far my favorite day to celebrate...just sayin'. Love your blog, love you more.

Matthew and Sara said...

Hurray for 100!

Amanda said...

Okay I will, but I'm not going to guarantee you'll like what's on it / that'll you'll not already have what's on it. Ha. Because I don't know anything about your music love.

Equinat said...

I have been occupied with gen eds and the foundations class so I'll probably start the photography program this coming fall with you and I suppose we'll both find out for ourselves. I haven't been impressed with the foundation instructors though. I did have an instructor inform me that the U is not very impressive with their art program but they're diligently working to give it some prestige.