Good Ol' Propaganda

First off, I want to clear up something about my "Going Pro" post on the 11th with the paragraph regarding my feelings about modern photography and its accessibility.

I truly believe that one of the greatest things about art is how accessible it is. With so many forms and ways to create art, I feel it is one of the most widespread and unifying feelings among humans to share these forms of self-expression whether you are creating it or simply appreciating it. My "complaints," so-to-speak, were very much on a personal level, but I do not doubt other artists or any other creators have felt the loss of individuality & originality in their market. With this feeling, I am struggling to find my niche in this broad world of artistry. Although I am still very young, I feel some obscure  pressure that's telling me that I should have this all figured out by now & that what I am producing should be exactly me at its best state. This is impossible. How am I supposed to know what becomes of my artistry? How can I create the best now when there's a the possibility that something might be better later? I have a problem with my own progression. I could continue on that crap forever, but I feel as if my comments were slightly misinterpreted. When I see so many people doing the things that I want & wish I could be doing, I am jealous of their security in themselves even if what they're producing is crap--at least they're brave enough to do it and believe in their own selves enough to continue to work to become the best artist they can be. I want to be the best I can be, but I'm scared of all the crap in between.

ALL IN ALL, I do NOT mean to criticize the everyday person who creates for their own joy & love--that is truly one of the BEST things about art. If you love it, then who gives a damn what anybody else thinks about it.

Propaganda--what's it to ya?
Propaganda is "a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience." Thanks wiki, you're the best.
Here's some classic examples that you've seen before.
world war one - Uncle Sam
Also trying something new--because I don't want to blockade my whole page with these images, click below to expand the post.

I love this stuff, it never gets old to me. Ever.
World War 1 ... Red Cross

"Of course I can!"--Dick Williams



1942-Hitler-big ear--Holmgren
Because Hitler might just be sitting next to you on a park bench!
Norman Rockwell goodness--more of his series "Four Freedoms" here. 
world war one - come across

1940 ... revolutionary solidarity
I thought this one was really interesting only to find out it translates to "Revolutionary solidarity is above petty nationalism"in Ukrainian. Oh boy.
WW2 - United Kingdom

1943 ... patriotic Donald
And even some classic Disney involved.

All images except when noted are from this flickr set. Check it out!

Let's stick in a cartoon network groovie that's fun AND informative! I don't know when it was broadcast....if anyone finds out, let me know!

And we can't leave without a modern twist, right?
By Shepard Fairey. More on this guy later. He rocks.

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Bahaha I saw what poster you left on your first comment...somehow...nice choice. It's totally propaganda, but propaganda isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think it's just an attempt at influencing the viewer, whether it's good or bad, like in your case. Take is as you want. That's the joy of ART! Woot woot!

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Favorite ever.

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PAIGE! That is the best. THE BEST.