Weekly Good, Goodly Week.

The last week has been EXCEPTIONAL. Truly monumental. And I'm pretty positive the rest of the day is only going to get better. The weather is a easily the biggest contributing factor, but I also spent a good amount of bonding time with the crew. FUNZIES 4 REAL. Picnics, chalking the sidewalk on the quad, books sales, photo ops, dansing, more photo ops, a huge abundance of junk food at the bishop's house, earthquakes, sunsets, searching for books at the D.I., free food on the quad, bonding with new friends, you know, THE WORKS.
I cherish this kind of stuff. I'm going to remember it for a while.  Meaning 3-4 weeks.
Not too many good photos to document all of the experiences (I didn't exactly think about snapping a photo to commemorate the earthquake), but this will do.

This was almost not worth the time it took to patch the photog together. BUT NOT REALLY CUZ I GOTZ USU PRIDEEEE!
Best poster ever.
Legit dansing. Wee b doin teh splitz.
And two previews of stuff to come...

P.S. If you get tree sap in your hair, do whatever it takes to get it out of your hair asap.


Steph Romney said...

Please tell me you bought Picatso??

Equinat said...

Anna, Seriously my friend you're in my top five more talented favorites.