really? really.

I'm doing everything to avoid studying for my history test right now. I'm not prepared for it and I'm getting into that terrible mindset where I know that forcing myself to study isn't going to do any good, because it usually doesn't even though it REALLY DOES, but I'm being a butthead today. I had/am still having a serious episode of ADD and all it's wonderful goodies that come with it today. I was trying to do some biology homework which usually take me like 20-30 minutes, but it took me 3 HOURS because I'd do a question and then think OH--THE SUN IS SHINING I WANT TO TAKE SOME PICTURES OF MY OIL PASTELS. And do a question and then decide to do some different homework. And then do a question and then draw a picture. And do a question and take more pictures of my oil pastels. And do a question and feel how funny it feels to let your face relax and shake your head really hard. And do a question and then put on lipgloss for 5 minutes. What a pathetic way to lead life...and I did it for 3 hours. HOURS.

And now I'm trying to study for this damndable test tomorrow and I decided to edit this photo. Which is one of those things where I have to do the WHOLE THING and I can't just LEAVE IT and do something that is IMPORTANT. That would be way too rational.

So here are my stupid photos.

, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.


Siriusly? Srsly.

And my hair sucks right now. You don't need to tell me--I ALREADY KNOW.


Jalene said...

wow dude! how did you do that picture of a bunch of you's on the student chairs? cool!!!!

gerbdesign said...

I love the first pic! and your hair doesn't look awful! I think that would defy nature itself! :)

Meisha Marie said...

Anna, I love love LOVE that top picture. I wish I was as cool as you

Michelle said...

LOVE the photos! Very very cool!

Jodes said...

ah, procrasitnation is a girl's best friend.
that first picture of you is AMAZING.
and i love the pastels - they just make me want a sketchbook and to spend all afternoon getting my fingers covered.


LoliTa said...

the photos of the oil pastels are great


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Loved those photos. Esp the classroom one. I always try to tell myself studying wouldn't have helped anyway... but yes, it does. The hardest part is getting started, so just start anywhere from any point, it will help :)

Kristy James said...

I love the classroom full of Annas. You are just too, too good to be true.

Bradley Deletrious Duke said...

totally reminds me of Sandy Skoglund: ROCKIN!