grateful iz gr8

I put this set up on my flickr a while ago and I thought it deserved an explanation of sorts.

I'm trying to be an optimist. I sincerely try, because I know that I've got a lot to be grateful for and if one lets themselves get bogged down with negative thoughts and negative energy, it can and will spread (but let's not go there). And I'm especially grateful when my mom says small remarks to me while I gripe and moan about how expensive groceries are. I took the bottom panoramic picture and showed it to her and the first thing she said was "Only in America."
So while I frantically took all of these pictures in the supermarket, I was baffled that I'd never realized how well-off I really am. I wanted to capture the sheer massive amount of food that was at my fingertips because I still am trying to come to grips with how much FOOD was just SITTING in this building. And the fact that there are TWO Walmarts in Logan. And at least 4 other grocery stores within a ten mile radius. And how I complained about bread being $2.50.

World Hunger Clock. Eye-opening. And some hunger stats. Like a child dies every 6 seconds because of hunger and related causes.

I don't want to post pictures of malnourished children with bloating bellies or another series of images of families and children digging through landfills for some sort of edible substance--we've all seen those and they all speak the same message.

I'm not trying to preach a cause or anything, merely just a change in attitude.

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