Annie, You Da Best.

Annie Leibovitz. Supa-stah.
When I saw bits of this series floating around the inter-web, I had to find the whole package. The styling is superb, the full range of values and textures in each image, and the overall concept of an editorial type series of cartoon characters expertly played by your fav celebs equals AWESOMENESS. I can't stop looking at them. I've never been, or ever thought I was one of those princess-y girls, but maybe I just haven't accepted my inner princess yet.

I haven't been able to find every one of these images in one place, but I think I have the majority of the series so far....most are from here, but the "Beauty and the Beast" are more recent spreads that are directly from Vogue that I found here.

I really can't stop looking.

David Beckham as Prince Phillip? Yes. Always. Perfect.


Catherine Newman said...

I can't even tell you how much I love these! Holy cow amazing! AND yes yes yes yes a million times yes to David Beckham.

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