So You Wanna Dye Your Hair Pink.

First thing you do: dye your hair.
Second thing you do: take a billion pictures to celebrate.

Best reactions thus far.....
"Anna! Look at you! You're on FIRE! I love it!" --Brother Woodbury, my institute teacher.
"What have you done to your hair?!?!?!" -- My grandma and my brother.
"You are my hero." --Meisha, my roommate.
"Well.....that's exciting." --My friend, Beth.

I saw these two pictures right after the incident....PROOF that I'm a trendsetter. 
Via Wood Wood in Copenhagen and floating around Tumblr. Specifically mine.

P.S. I had one of my photos featured on Artpixie's tumblr here.....she gets a lot of hits on her page so it's supa cool 'n' shiz.


Brissa said...

at first i thought it wasn't real.
but after this post, i'm sold.
anna james you are the shizz.
pee.ess. the fifth picture down is one of my favorito.
can i just BE you?

✦ERIN said...

love it

i want curls dammit!!


Britny said...


You are my hero!
Absolutely amazing

Paige said...

Hahaha, Beth's response kills me. That is great I love it. Are you going to turn in to Kate Winslet on Eternal Sunshine?