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The Ginger Twins meet their newest allies.....The CHOCO CHICKS!!!!!!


Wait until they fully join forces.....it'll be AWESOME.

Here's one of Lindsey's latest experiences out in the field.....BASED ON A TRUE STORY.  Click to view larger.
This was done purely out of boredom. And hoping that she would remember and love me for one second--JK LOLZ.

And the Holi Color Festival. This experience ultimately boils down to AWESOMENESS. Real fun. If you didn't go, which I highly doubt because anyone who's ANYONE did, you should go next year. It was really awesome and definite life-enriching experience. Perfect weather, great people and a genuinely happy atmosphere. The people were happy to be there, happy to be involved, happy to be participating...you could really feel the energy.
Down sides: this chalk reeks. REEKS. It's offensive. If you were an unfortunate thinker who forgot to shake out your hair before you got in the shower--I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. It reeks. When this stuff gets wet, it is one of the most heinous and rancid smells one could smell. Also, when we created the big gigantic chalk cloud, I felt like I was going to die. Seriously. I gagged a couple times because I was inhaling so much and the air was thick pink and dark so I could barely see anything. It's kind of a scary feeling when you can't feel the sunlight anymore even though you're standing outside in the middle of the day. BUT THESE CONS DON'T OUTWEIGH THE PROS. Go next year. Doo eet.

This architecture......wow. That's all I can say.



I miss Lindsey.


Carli said...

someday i hope to have a shred of your coolness, I would keep it and put it in a locket.

Amanda said...

That is a freaking classic comic strip. It rocks.

Lindsay said...

I just came across your blog and so glad I did! I LOVE it!!!
Hope you have a great day!