welcome, wacom

A whole post dedicated to an inanimate object? Check.

Here's to the greatest Christmas present (aside from the car when I was 16 (JK LOLZ)) that is actually of great use to me versus that Babe, the pig, jewelry box that's gathering dust in my basement.

*****excuse the poor photos...I just wanted to get some shots of me with it so people don't believe I stole it and don't actually own the thing and I'm just pretending to be artsy and more technologically advanced than you. I really own it. I SWEAR.*****

For those of you who don't know what this gift from God is, I'll fill you in.
It's a drawing pad for your computer. Complete with pen.
This, my friends, is a tablet.

And it is my personal revolution. I'm just starting to get the hang of how to work it and I know that once I really get in the nitty gritty and work with it for an obscene amount of time, the possibilities will be endless.
If you're interested in anything having to do with illustration, graphic design, photography, THE WORKS....I HIGHLY suggest you pick one up. They can be pretty expensive, but I looked up the one that I have on amazon and it was listed for around 80 bucks. It is well worth the dollars.
This is the only problem....

I'm definitely not serious about anything that I'm doing here. And I'm hugely intimidated by that statement. DO I RELLY HALF 2 B SEERIOUS BOUT DIS?

I wish I could paint. Glennray Tutor is a nutcase. If I could paint a 40th as good as he does, I'd be happy. It truly is photorealism at it's finest. With great subject matter.

I need to post some more art crap that I like that I find. I feel selfish keeping it to myself.

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Ashley said...

Okay, yeah. I dig this business. Perhaps I was too hasty.