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Inspired by this.
I have a stupid cold. You know those annoying ones where you still have to go to class and sniffle the whole damn time and wipe your snotty nose every five minutes and reuse your gross tissues and bug everyone sitting around you because you're shuffling every 30 seconds and snorting up the boogies every ten. It WHOMPS.

Last time I got one, I drank a gallon of orange juice in a day and took copious amounts of vitamin C and it went away within a day or two. I'm hoping for the same results this time around.

Here's a doodle. I like it. The scrabble pieces are inspired by this girl's tattoo (of which I keep drawing one on my arm to make myself seem even more like a poser).

I love this series of photos.
"All I Own" by Sannah Kvist.
Sannah is a Swedish photographer that takes pictures of people with their crap--I mean their belongings.

I'm a big fan of crap like this and my own crap piles laying around. SPIN does a similar spread where an artist sits in their room of crap and talks about EACH PIECE of crap. I LOVE IT.

And since I can't seem to come up with any ideas of my own, I'll probably be mimicking it with my stash 'o' crap....OH GOODY.


Catherine Newman said...

So, I basically LOVE the Oren Lavie video! One of my roommates showed it to me a few months ago and I have watched it SO many times. I love your blogs, your photography, your creativity, and YOU! Thanks for sharing your talents and thoughts, you are AMAZING.

Carli said...

probably one of the coolest music videos ever, i actually discovered it about two weeks ago, sorry about your cold, i hate sniffling.

LoriBurningham said...

Dearest Anna,
You should have probably let me know about your blogspot earlier. It has offically cured my crappy morning. In the last hour or so, I have found myself completely stalking your blog and flickr. Thanks for the pick me up!

Ashley said...

hey, that's cool. i wanna do that. thanks for sharing kewl linx.