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I'm still trying to figure out a routine or some sort of system to figure out why in the world I post what I do and to make sense of why I posted said postee crap. Yada, yada, yada.

So before I say anything, I must shamelessly promote myself. I am featured in the Utah Valley Magazine Blog this week for "Photo(s) of the Week." This is a big deal for me. This is a magazine. Well, a BLOG of a magazine, but A MAGAZINE NONETHELESS. And I'm telling you, Velour is a magical place. Just look at it. MAGIC, I TELL YOU.
I mean, come on--I'm in a MAGAZINE now.

Here's another awesome flickr group that I decided to contribute to.
so...here's what in my bag--SINCE YOU ALL WANT TO KNOW.

Check out my flickr page to see detail on the actual, tangible crap that occupies my little bag.

Now...this is the fun one for me.
First off, let me tell you about a neat little photo trick...It's called a photogram. It's when you place objects of some sort on a photo-sensitive material and then expose it to light. It creates an inverted image of the objects with varying transparencies....NEAT-O.
Like this...

from here.

So here's my reverse photogram...okay, okay...it's just a SCAN. But you get the point.

And one more picture of my wall.

I'm done now.


Ashley Benjamin said...

GOSH you are so COOL! I love this. And that's awesome you were featured in that Magazine/Blog thing! You are so talented and deserve to be recognized. Fo' real, yo.

Krista Michelle said...

Anna. YOUR WORK IS IN A MAGAZINE!! HOW DOES IT FEEL???? Is it fantastic, is it grand? I love the scan you did--it creates really interesting depth, especially on the sunglasses. Also, next time you're rocking out at the Velour, give me a call. We'll rock out together. And, I love your wall.