I copied you.

......because Brad is just so darn cute.

And you better comment on this, BRAD. 


katrina said...

anna, you are fabulous.

provo is weird. ahahhaha

remember that party. prooovooo.

Ashley Benjamin said...

Okay, you're just great. And I like how a con for BYU is Provo is Weird? You make me chuckle. Good luck deciding! Wish I could help....... But you just know what I'd say anyway. (Considering I'm wearing my Y earrings and shirt today.) Haha, love your face! And your artistic abilities!

Paige said...

I'M SENDING YOU SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES. I bet you can also guess what I'm saying to you... :)
anna, it would be so much fun.

Ashley said...

Heeeey I had an art class with Brad.

Carli said...

I have the same problems with choosing schools as well, thank you for having the Logan blues as well, it makes me feel less horrible for disliking USU

Bradley Deletrious Duke said...

UR WLCUMS FUR TEH INSPURASHUNS, ANNA. Did it help to draw it out? cuz it definitely didn't help me. Also! you @ byu = KEWL

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

Just wanted to comment and tell you that your site is ahhhhhh FRESH!