Variations on "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

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Yeah, I know as well as you, my non-existent cyber-friends, that's it's not rational for one to go outside in this weather (or breath Logan's tasty air), but it was like SO-OOO pretty!
And I couldn't pass up a photo spot. So I took some shots after class. For about ten seconds. Then ski-daddled on home for fear of "freezing my ASS off!" like my political science teacher says at least three times every lecture.


I will cry during every episode of Baby Story. And mac and cheese hits the spot sometimes.


Carli said...

I agree my friend, the frost on the tree's is breathtaking! Me and my roommate Keileigh went and did a photoshot the other day as well. Eff Logan's air.

Anna said...

amazing! nice to meet you :)
I pronounce it ah-nah aka the "european way" how bout you?

buhdoop said...

The last statements of his last episode were so touching.

Steph Romney said...

I stole your Conan picture. Thanks.