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All You Need Is Love.

Cheers to a new year, new experiences, and faith in myself that I can actually do this digital cleanse.


Pre-Digital Cleanse

The Digital Cleanse. Do I believe I can do it?

We'll see. But I've got a day left to canoodle as much as I want on the inter-web until I test my will power and see if I can avoid lusting after the one and only world wide web. And be text-free.

In the mean time, I will start compiling my best of lists (BECAUSE I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM AS IT IS), and browse through enough TIME pictures of the year and Comcast's pictures from the "Decade from Hell" (TIME, try to be optimistic. Just try. For my sake.) to make me bawl for the next 2.5 hours. But it's about time I got around to doing an i like you inspired post.

You are my missed connection. I see you everywhere. You see me everywhere. I still haven’t said, “Hi, I’m Anna.” BUT NEITHER HAVE YOU. I know myself well enough to say that will probably stay the same.

You bug the crap out of me. But I still want to be your friend because I’m shallow and superficial. You feel the same about me, right? Right.

Sometimes I want to smack you because of some of the crap you say. You manage to always correct me when I am at fault. You truncate every conversation. You zone out. You are a wee bit insensitive. You might be the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

You are, HANDS DOWN, the most awkward person I have ever met. I swear you are awkward on purpose. Just to make me feel foolish and consequently squirmy AND awkward. But I’m weirdly attracted to you. Probably because you’re mildly attracted to me, which, is good enough reason, I guess, even though you weird me out so much that it makes me SO UNATTRACTED TO YOU.

You’re too good for me. We both know it, yet you still pretend that you like me. It’s cute, I guess.

I AM going to allow myself to have Flickr. It's not technically a social networking website. Right? Right.

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And this picture makes sense with this post, RIGHT?!!?




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After an energizing sleep of a whopping 14 hours last night, I got up early (earlier than usual...so like 8. It's winter break....cut me some slack), and took a walk with my beloved nikon and the pooch. She's beloved, too. It wasn't very long because of the cold (and mind you, I can bear the cold more than the average person), but I did get some shots that compensate for my frozen fingers. Or at least made me remember how marvelous mornings are. I like this photo.

I also love how pretty frost is. And bokeh. And square formats. And my friends for replenishing my ipod this weekend. I am roadtrip ready.

And yes, I did fall asleep at 6 last night. I'm pathetic.


double take

Remember this picture of my dad?

Well, here's Bobby.
Double-click on the image to view it large.

This is a Christmas gift for my dad, and I really hope he likes it. I printed the old photo of himself, and a photo similar to this and framed them both.
My dad was about 23 in his picture, and my brother just turned 25...so I felt it was fitting, BUT, my dad didn't have a sparkly kit. That's okay. I'll get over it.

Bobby's birthday was on the 23rd and, of course, it got me thinking all sappy and schmoozy, so in a plea with myself to avoid a trite nostalgia post plastered with baby photos, I'm just going to say how awesome of a brother he is. He's the only brother I have and with my sister on a mission right now, he's that much more important to me. The older we've gotten, the more I've realized how admirable he is. He works harder than anyone I know, aside from my dad (of course), and knows what he wants and is willing to work for it. He graduated from Berklee last May. I think that's when I really started to notice how dedicated and talented he truly is. I haven't been as appreciative of that as I should be.

Alright, alright...I'm done, I swear.


just to prove my point, here's Bobo winning the district final of the 2009 Guitar Center Drum Off in Denver.


terrible two.

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not really terrible. at all.


good, great, awesome

Oh, the magic of Temple Square. After a few fake proposals, and seeing some real ones, I snapped some shots of the one and only event that seems to be a favorite date activity. A big, fat, haze-filled cloud was sitting on the valley, so, we had to endure through a mildly scary drive home, but it made the air multi-colored....absolutely magical.

I was experiencing a lot of camera difficulties....a lot...so I didn't get as many shots as I wanted, but it is what it is.

I also got to take family photos of my neighbors. I like them a lot. The family, I mean.

I get to take al pal's next week. I'm buh-cited.
I Met the Walrus. Legit. For Real. No Kidding. Das Rite. Mmm Hmm.
It really is a cool video so watch it.


One More Thing....

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So pretty. Look at the whole set on Flickr.


post...wait what?

I went to my high school's choir concert--my first visit as a super senior. Let's just say, I'm really glad I'm done with high school choir. You know, I could make a big banner that says "EAT IT MISS M," but I won't.
Well, now that Debbie Downer is over, let's move on to some more exciting material.

Sufjan crochets. You like that, right?!

I really, really like Blue Lily Photos.
(almost as much as I like Sarah Rhodes.)

John Mayer is a fox. What's new?


Well. That felt good now, didn't it?



Is it still pre-Christmas? I don't know.
Am I jumping the gun with the festivities right now? I don't know.
Well, I love my apartment right now. I made a crap load of paper chains, and we put a bunch of light up, and we put pinecones in our kerr jars...it's great. It's a really nice place to be. I'm glad I feel that way about my apartment finally.

Here's some test Christmas card....or just a nice background for myself. And how can I forget the dreaded "Holiday Robot" assignment from commercial 2? Had to include him somehow!


do you know me?

Today was a good day. Sometimes Sunday afternoons really, really get me down...and I don't know why or what it is, but it just can be the most bleh period where I feel so useless and pathetic, but today was not like that. I had a good time in church. Sometimes, more often than not, that can be hard for me to like all parts of church. It was a testimony meeting, which are ten times better in a student ward. But I think something that I did different today than most other days, including Sundays, was that I complimented more people than usual. Nothing huge or drastic, but I just told more people what I was honestly thinking (and I'm happy that today had a lot of positive thoughts).
There's a quote that my mom has on our fridge that says "An unspoken compliment is a shameful act of pride."
I've always tried to take that quote and really apply it to my life.
I have a friend that opened up my eyes to the "art" of complimenting. She would always point out a person with great hair in the hallways, or how cool someone's speaking voice was, or how pretty some girl was. I'd never seen someone so openly express what they thought of other people. This really changed how I started to view people, especially strangers.
I started writing down nice things people say about myself, which may sound conceited, but I too often forget those things and get too hard on myself. It's nice to look at entries in my journal that say, "so-and-so said I looked pretty today," or "so-and-so said he liked my smile." and so on. When I get in those moods that just put me in a funk, it's so helpful to have these kinds of things available for me a pick-me-up.

You should watch this video as well...
Stephen Wiltshire is the "Human Camera." He does panoramic drawings of cityscapes after seeing it once. He is so precise...he drew the exact number of columns on the Parthenon.