Greg & Aimee Wedding

really old...i know. but i was going through my hard drive and decided to share a few of my favorite photos....this was my first wedding, so go easy on me.

I can't get enough of the photo of Greg and his head in the microphone.
If I'm remembering right, he said something along the lines of...."Aimee is a huge part of my life, and I know that she's just going to get huger the older we--" and then everyone laughs and remembers that Greg's so darn cute that he doesn't mean it THAT way of course!


This is it

IR 1, originally uploaded by Twilight Concert Series.
I can't even imagine.....this photo gives me the chills.....

how exhilarating and fulfilling it would be to be a performer.

This photo is from the Twilight Concert Series.....with Iron and Wine.


need o tablet

I suck at text in images....meaning, I put the stupidest words with images. A couple years ago in my commercial art class, we had a "text as image" assignment and for the life of me I could not figure out what to words to use in this project (it was a pair of eyes....trite, I know) so just to fill it in and work on it, I put "blah blah blah blah....etc." And I left it that way. That's how stupid I am.

And I realize this is a fairly creepy pose and I look like I have hairy hands....but ahh...it's just so much fun to doodle around on the compy.

cool doodles
....these are neato...and kind of what I'm thinking of.

here's another doodle? photo? drawing?


gentlemen's quarterly

okay okay let me explain myself.....

I love GQ's photos. The ones of "gentlemen" in nice clothes, not Megan Fox or Tyra Banks with no clothes on. The crisp-ness and retro, but clean vibes to their photos are just fantastic. The styling is genius. Some of my favorite recent spreads have been Shia Labeouf and Zac Efron (of course).
GQ was formerly "Apparel Arts." The fourth cover down is from 1957.

and some new favorite spreads....


Owl City


or nay?



my scanner works!


Forgotten Places

This gallery was in Brigham City and just ended yesterday, but thankfully I found the set on Flickr!! It was a fantastic show and I loved every single photo.

check it out!

And I think Pandora feels bad for me losing all my music on my ipod, so it's given me an exceptional station. That's almost a cure for the sadz, RITE?



i need a cure for sadness that doesn't involve prescription medications or staring at lolcatz photos.



oh yeah

i wish i was having a pillow fight with my beloved in a field.

photo by Dustin Todd

Autumn Ride !

Autumn Ride !, originally uploaded by Ming chai.
I am loving fall and bikes.
Too bad it'll be snowing by Saturday night.


Cupcakes Celebration

Cupcakes Celebration, originally uploaded by Shay Aaron.
I want some of these!